Questions: Which Asthma Inhaler Is Which?


In this article, we talk about Questions: Which Asthma Inhaler Is Which?

Query: ” I understand that inhalers come in two distinct criteria:”reliever” inhalers, such as an attack strikes, and”avoidance” inhalers for overall usage. But, I’m concerned that in the fear of an assault I’ll forget which is which. How can I differentiate between them both, and when I do unintentionally use my”avoidance” inhaler during an assault, is it likely to cause any issues?

Response :

First and foremost: No, there’s absolutely no harm with a preventative inhaler during an asthma attack. It won’t worsen the assault or cause you to feel unwell in any way. The sole issue (if you can call it that) with having a preventative inhaler during an acute asthma attack is the fact that it won’t actively assist with calming the assault; therefore, you want the”reliever” Asthma Inhaler.

As for telling the difference between the 2 Asthma Inhaler, it depends mostly on the country you’re in. In a few nations, the inhalers are put in canisters which vary in color. Most commonly, the”reliever” inhaler is going to probably be in a blue shipping tube, and also the”preventer” will probably be in a brown edition. You might want to specifically ask this from the chemist, therefore it might be worth checking to determine if color-specific inhalers are accessible to you. The difference in color ought to take care of the issue of knowing which you can catch in a hurry.

When the color-specific canisters aren’t accessible, then use a labeling system or better yet a material such as a nail polish to create every canister appear distinct.

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